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Our cargo insurance and loss prevention solutions protect your goods during transit. Cargo insurance covers loss and/or damage during the transportation of cargo from one point to another. Shipment coverage can be by sea, air or land. Policies are tailored to suit the individual shipper’s needs. Coverage can be provided for all risks or on a named risks basis.


Cargo Insurance is integral to the removal or cargo delivery process.

Cargo Insurance ensures that, in case of unforeseen circumstances you will get back a percentage or the entire value of the goods that were moved. Although no amount of money would be able to replace the family heirloom that you inherited from your ancestors, it is still advisable to insure your move. Be it a natural disaster or an unfortunate event, anything can cause damage to your valuable possessions. Cargo Insurance is a have-to-have because it gives you the certainty that should something not go accordingly, you will be compensated based on the value of the commercial invoice.

In the case of domestic removals, in addition to having homeowners’ insurance, individuals should also take out removal insurance. Homeowners’ insurance only covers items when they are inside the home, not when they are being moved. Some insurance policies even allow you to choose which items you want to insure.

During local cargo, marine or air freight transportation, the contents are out of the direct control of the freight forwarder. While the contents are in our warehouse or at one of our many international handling agents’ warehouses, the contents are covered by the warehouse insurance for a limited time. Always insure contents for their replacement value in the country they are being transported to.

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